Client Feedback

The following feedback has been received from some happy clients…


“Arlene oozes passion and professionalism, has a keen eye for detail and has made my experience in getting ready for my wedding completely stress free and so so enjoyable.

I can’t imagine having gone through the wedding without her!

I hope to be returning to this lady very soon xx”

“Arlene is absolutely amazing. Nothing is too much. She takes time to listen and gives advice. Added sleeves to my dress which made it perfect for me. Thank you so much. Would highly recommend this lady.”

“Arlene is amazing at what she does ! Would highly recommend ! She was very accommodating on appointments (hard to get 5 people in the one place at the one time ) !

I left every appointment with a smile and sore side from laughing so much ! Love her work !.”

“If you haven’t Arlene booked for your wedding dress or bridemaids alterations you need to get booking asap this women is one talent lady. I can’t thank you enough for everything Also designing amd creating an additional tulle skirt for my dress from scratch thanks for making my dress into the dress of my dreams!!! this women gets a 110/100 star rating from me..”

“Your work is truly amazing, you have great skills . You made me feel so special at each and every meeting . You made me feel like a princess everytime I stepped into my wedding dress . You have something special about you which is truly superb.

Thank you for making my beautiful Vail also it was just amazing .

Many thanks

Kay X”

“Arlene is absolutely amazing. She altered my wedding dress for NYE and she did a fantastic job. What I was so impressed about was there was no waiting about, she had my dress ready after one appointment. She was also so kind to alter my flower girls coat and fixed my veil for me too. Extremely efficient, talented, honest and friendly- what more do you want

thanks again Arlene!!!”

“Arlene is absolutely amazing at her work!! She won’t stop until the dress is perfect! I knew before I even got my dress that I wanted her to do my alterations as I trusted her so much from doing such a fab job with my friends wedding dresses! The craic at appointments help too!!”

“So glad I went to The Sewing Rooms for the alterations for my recent wedding. Arlene is an absolute professional at what she does. She’s so honest and alters the dresses to perfection. Highly recommend this lady”

“what a pleasure to have worked with Arlene for my dress alterations and my bridesmaids. Arlene went above and beyond and even made hair pieces and shoe decorations. she is very talented with a great eye for detail and really knows what will work. what fun we had working with her too the chats were great.”

“Arlene made my dress and the bridemaids dresses fit perfectly. She designed a beautiful cape for me as well which I adored. A very professional service with quite a few giggles had too!! Thank you so much Arlene!”

“Huge thanks to Arlene for the fantastic work in altering my wedding dress, bridesmaids & the MOB outfit .. you are a very talented lady who had the dresses perfectly fitted after just one visit, amazing! Had no problem fitting the late comer coming from Canada only a week before our doo either! Would highly recommend to any bridal party in the future, fabulous service. Thank you x”

“Huge thanks to Arlene for the fantastic work in altering my wedding dress and bridesmaids earlier this year, you are a very talented lady who had the dresses perfectly fitted after just one visit, amazing! would highly recommend to any bridal party in the future, fabulous service. Thank you x”

Sew Informed

“Having completed the ‘foundations’ course, I definitely got the bug for sewing! The alterations course teaches you how to alter clothes, a skill set I’m sure so many of us would love to have when something doesn’t  quite fit right in the changing rooms! At the beginning of the course, I have to say I felt slightly overwhelmed with the thought of altering clothing myself. As Arlene talked us through each step, demonstrating along the way, I started to feel more and more confident. Even when I made mistakes, nothing was ever too much trouble and Arlene has so many tricks up her sleeve to ensure you get a perfect finish on your garments.

I came away from this course with a pair of trousers and a top which I both fitted and altered by myself, with supportive guidance from Arlene. I had so much confidence as the course progressed and this was down to the way the course is carefully structured and also Arlene’s patience, experienced tips and constant positivity.

Thank you Arlene, what a wonderful course full of so many sewing skills!”

“When I say I was a complete beginner, I mean a total beginner with absolutely no sewing experience! Sew informed ‘foundations’ is a fabulous course for anyone who is new to sewing. Arlene has jam packed this course with her abundance of sewing knowledge and teaches you how to set up and maintain your sewing machine. The handbook which comes with the course allows you to follow simple steps and is a great reference when you get home to your own machine. Throughout the course, Arlene’s passion and experience shone through and she offered lots of little helpful tips and tricks which I will definitely be taking to the sewing machine each time I sit down to sew.  She is extremely patient and helpful and the fact that she had me, a complete newbie, sewing seams and zips with confidence, is testament to just how amazing she is at both performing and teaching her sewing skills!

Thank you Arlene, I had so much fun and am amazed at how much we got through in just 4 weeks! Bring on the ‘progressions’ course next!”

“The alterations course I did after the foundations course. It was great to have the basics before this course. We altered a top and a pair of trousers.  My trousers are always too big at the waist so I was well chuffed with myself that I could take them in at the waist and they were actually wearable. A great buzz!  It’s an intense course and Arlene is just fabulous, she knows her stuff and the crack was great too.  Would so recommend this course.”

“The alterations course is brilliant…being short and on the larger size…none of my clothes fit properly..always have to take trousers up…and tops always have sleeves which are too long…or vest tops need shortened at the strap…this course has given me the skills to be able to complete these alterations with confidence at home and as always arlene’s knowledge, skills, tricks and patience are on point.”

“Have been wanting to be able to know my way around a sewing machine for years…this course is amazing…arlene takes the time to go through ever single step and makes sure you know what your at before going on to the next…in both around the machine and getting to know and do stitches, and completing tasks eg. Puttin in a zip etc…great course to do to understand what is needed to complete basic sewing tasks ….Arlene is so helpful and patient.”