Sew Informed Foundations

This course is for beginners, teaching all the essentials, even showing you how to thread a needle, and includes:

  • Getting to know the machine, different thread types, attaching the spools and threading your needle.
  • Winding the bobbin, replacing a drop-in and front loading bobbin.
  • Deciding what needles are best suited for each project, according to the fabric used for that project and attaching the needle to the machine.
  • Threading the machine can be daunting so the course booklet describes in great detail each stage of the process along with changing the foot.
  • A list of most commonly used fabrics, uses and properties are described in detail to help the student select the correct fabric for each project.
    When the machine is set up and ready to use the student will be shown the most popular stitches, stitch lengths and tensions.

  • Developing these stitches further into the use of sewing seams and how to finish different seam types.
  • A selection of garment fastenings will be explored and how to finish them correctly.
  • The final sewing section in the course is inserting a standard and an invisible/concealed zip.
  • Machine maintenance section is essential to know to keep your machine running smoothly. This covers cleaning and oiling your machine, taking it apart and putting it back together without damaging the machine.
  • Finally the trouble shooting section advices on how to fix small problems such as fabric or threads getting caught, if the machine will not sew and if the thread is looping underneath.

Sewing machines, all equipment and material included.

Cost & Duration

This is a 4 week course, 1 session per week from 7pm to 9pm

Price: £250